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You use factory-built windows and doors but most people don’t think of factory built stairs when planning a home improvement project. Factory-built stairs eliminate the guess-work in stairs. You get the same quality-control and precision fit benefits you see with other items like windows and doors. Pre-built staircases are simply better than site-built staircases. Pre-built stairs are designed with the help of computer to provide precision mitre cuts and ensure an exact fit. Pre-built stairs are strong and squeak-resistant. factory-built stairs are assembled by craftsmen who are stair specialists by trade. Pre-built stairs save valuable time and logistical headaches on the jobsite by eliminating stair construction hold-ups.

Building Supply Depot sells and installs quaity prebuilt stairs, stair rail and spiral staircases. We sell and install Taney, Coffman, Weitco, Crown Heritage and Salter. The first step is to schedule an appointment to talk to an expert and review a selection of staircase options in our showroom.


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